General service conference

2017 Committee Considerations (English)

2017 Recommendations and Floor Actions Not Resulting in Advisory Actions (English)

2017 Advisory Actions (English)

Agenda Items for Upcoming General service Conference.

XIII. 67th GSC Intl Conv – Reg Forums Background

XII. 67th GSC Archives Background

X. 67th GSC Treatment _ Accessibilities Background

IX. 67th GSC Report _ Charter Background

VIII. 67th GSC Public Information Background

VII. 67th GSC Policy _ Admissions Background

VI. 67th GSC Literature Background

V. 67th GSC AA Grapevine Background

IV. 67th GSC Finance Background

III. 67th GSC Corrections Background

II. 67th GSC Cooperation With the Professional Community

I. 67th GSC Agenda Background